A Lowcountry Backyard Wedding: Johnny & Carol Crislip

November 4, 2017 will be remembered as the magical backyard wedding on Shem Creek. Lights were hung, candles were lit, country music played in the background, and three joined together as a family. It was truly a magical night filled with family, friends and a whole lot of LOVE.

Here is just a little glimpse into the happiest day of our lives…


We rented a beach house on IOP for the week and threw a low country boil for our rehearsal dinner, and it couldn’t have been better.





Our father, Stuart, passed away three years ago from cancer. He was a Kiwi, a New Zealander, a warrior and fighter his whole life. In New Zealand at special events, funerals, weddings… they perform a war dance called the Haka. It has always and will always hold a special place in our hearts as it reminds us of how strong our dad was throughout his fight with cancer.

After our ceremony, my mom sat Johnny & I down for a surprise that I will never forget. She had reached out to a local rugby team here in hopes that someone would be able to perform the haka at our wedding. The moment they came out they laid down the New Zealand flag and tears started to pour.



Our dad was a surfer as well. He lived for the water. When I first met Johnny, I remember sitting out on the porch spilling out as many memories as I could remember about my dad. I showed him pictures upon pictures. One, in particular, that has been my phone background since I can remember. Dad holding this iconic surfboard in his short white shorts while leaning up against his old school car.

After our first dance as husband and wife, my brother and I danced to Little Surfer girl by the beach boys and little did I know when I turned around my Husband had laid down his gift to me. A recreation of the board my dad was holding in my favorite picture. I mean…I feel like I looked like crap the rest of the night because I couldn’t stop crying!

The night went on…we had amazing food from Jared Whitehead, and Joe P from Palace Hotel, desserts from Browns Court Bakery, and coffee from our favorite local shop Brown Fox Coffee. Drinks and many cheers were passed around and we danced the night away(until the cops came at 8:45 & told us to turn down the music!!! Don’t worry I got a picture with him lol)

(^Bond fire with a S’MORES table)

Makeup: Gracia Bailey

Dress: Hailey Paige from White on Daniel Island

Photography: Christian Gideon

So happy to be sharing this with y’all!! Love y’all!


Kenzie & Carol



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