Polka Dot Outfits

    Most of the time when we are putting together outfits we try to make sure we don’t match too much because we had enough of that when we were younger (thanks, mom haha). But sometimes it’s fun to twin it up a bit and match more than usual. These polka dot items were so fun, we couldn’t help ourselves.

    We definitely got a bunch of double takes because we looked so much alike and we were doing a photo shoot on the streets of Charleston. SIDE NOTE: does anyone else get nervous when taking their pictures in front of other people walking by? We are definitely guilty of this!

    But anyway we had a blast shooting this day. Luckily we didn’t get rained out and the shoot turned out awesome!

    For all you locals, you can get these polka dot looks at Maris Dehart!!

    All photos by the amazing Sophia Vogt Photography!

    We’ve linked all of our favorite polka dot looks below!



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