Jay Pattern Design

We are currently writing this post while sitting outside on our porch in 80-degree weather, drinking an iced coffee, of course. It’s absolutely insane to us that it is this hot already and it’s only February. Kind of scares us for how hot it’s going to be in the summer. Wish us LUCK! haha

On to more important stuff…

This post is all about a fabulous company called Jay Pattern Design. We love working with Annie (the owner and designer) because she is a young female entrepreneur who is following her dream and making it a reality! She makes everything from notebooks to “whatever cards”, to phone cases and calendars.  All of the patterns are black and white and seek to create continuity, creativity, and conversation.We are not lying when we say we are obsessed with her work! The planner/calendar has been the perfect way to keep track of our schedules, and not to mention it is soooo cute and stylish.

Go check our her work and support another female entrepreneur! Hope yall are having a wonderful day where ever you may be in the world!




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