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Christmas in Canada

Headed to Canada

Trevor LOVES to fly! He always says it means you are going somewhere awesome, which for the most part is true. In this case, VERY true. We were fortunate enough to book some flights to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to spend Christmas with trev’s family who hasn’t been together for a holiday in 11 years!

I was in need of luggage for this trip because our old luggage was absolutely toast, missing handles & just in bad shape. Luckily, DELSEY came through with some absolutely beautiful luggage 2 days before we left!! And for real, I absolutely love my piece of luggage. It was perfect for the trip and I was able to fit SO much into it!

Link to my luggage HERE !!

Road Trip to Bragg Creek

During our trip, we wanted to see & do as many adventures as possible, so the second day we decided to take a little drive to a small town called Bragg Creek. The drive up was absolutely breathtaking! The trees, the snow, every little thing was just so beautiful.

A Day in Banff National Park

^This was probably my favorite picture I took during the entire trip. How awesome is this?! There was a massive herd of mountain sheep just chillin’ on the side of the road, so we had to drive slow to grab this sick picture!! 

Banff should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit. I have been here during winter, spring & fall and every time I fall more in love with this little mountain town. It has a special place in my heart because we make it a tradition to visit everytime we come up to Canada. Make sure to check out the Banff Springs Hotel, Bow Falls, & poutine is a must anytime you are in Canada. We usually take the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain but it was snowing the day we went, so, unfortunately, we were unable to, but if you can, DO IT, the view is incredible!!

The rest of our trip…

One of the most special moments of our trip was getting the call that Trev’s brother (my brother-in-law) had been called up to the Chicago Blackhawks & that his first game would be played against the Edmonton Oilers, which was only a 3-hour drive from us! So the entire family packed up the cars & drove up to Edmonton to watch him play his first NHL game EVER. And guess what? BLACKHAWKS WON! It was such a special moment that the entire family will cherish forever!

  On our last day in Canada, we decide to brave the cold & check out downtown Calgary for a bit. Well honestly, we lasted about 15 minutes & had to go back home because it was TOO cold. Y’all I’m from Utah & I have experienced snow & cold weather before, but THIS was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was SOOO cold, like -20F cold (if you can imagine).

It truly was such an amazing week spent in Canada exploring some amazing little towns with my husband & extended family. Can’t wait to go back. I love you CANADA!!